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Your Fitbit is ‘useless’ unless you consent to illegal data sharing, says advocacy group

Vienna-based advocacy group Noyb has filed complaints against Fitbit in Austria, the Netherlands, and Italy, alleging that the Google-owned fitness tracking company is in violation of EU data privacy regulations.    Fitbit — which sells watches that track activity, heart rate, and sleep — “forces” new users...

Google DeepMind unveils AI watermarking tool as political pressure mounts

As governments increase demands for labels on AI-generated content, Google DeepMind has released a potential solution: a watermarking tool. Named SynthID, the system harnesses deep learning to embed digital stamps into the pixels of images. According to DeepMind, the watermarks are imperceptible to the human eye, but...

Designer’s Most Hated Fonts & Most Loved Fonts

It can be daunting choosing the perfect one for your project. To inspire you, 8 designers share their most loved and hated fonts.

Myanmar genocide refugees take Meta to Irish court over disinformation claims

Rohingya refugees are taking Meta to Ireland’s High Court for the tech giant’s alleged role in the 2017 Myanmar genocide, one of the worst war crimes of this century. Friday (25 August) marked six years since the start of the ethnic cleansing, which saw more than 25,000 people of Muslim Rohingya descent killed by...

11 Best Chairs for Graphic Designers in 2023

Choosing the right chair for your office can be a long and arduous process. Thankfully, we have the Best Chairs for Graphic Designers right here!

10+ Best Chairs for Graphic Designers in 2023

Choosing the right chair for your office can be a long and arduous process. Thankfully, we have the Best Chairs for Graphic Designers right here!

Google expands transparency for ads, content, policy as EU’s new rules kick in

Google will provide more information on targeted advertising, content decisions, and product policies as it strives to comply with the EU’s new content moderation rules, the tech giant said on Thursday. Known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), the bloc’s landmark legislation kicks in today for 19 big tech...

Chip designer Arm files for public listing that could revive flat IPO market

Chip designer Arm has filed for an initial public offering, which is expected to be the biggest IPO of the year. The UK-based company announced on Monday that it’s applied to sell shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the US — a move that is a big blow to its home country. Arm is reportedly eyeing a valuation of...

50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers (Sorted by Category)

Looking for the best free fonts for designers? We've scoured the web for the best and put them into one big compilation for you, sorted by category.

15+ Best Monitor Calibrators for Designers 2023 (Aug)

Searching for the best monitor calibrator? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best monitor calibration tools for graphic designers and ranked them.

15+ Fast Fonts 🏁 for Speedy Designs

In the world of design, speed and efficiency are key. We've compiled a list of the best fast fonts for designers and creators.

Norway fines Meta 1 MILLION crowns per day over data harvesting for behavioural ads

Meta’s litany of European privacy sanctions in 2023 just got a little longer. After a €390mn fine for illegal personalised ads, another €5.5mn hit for similar violations in WhatsApp, and a GDPR record €1.2bn for unsafe data transfers, this week yet another punishment arrived — and the sentence did not...

15 Best XP-Pen Drawing Tablets for Graphic Designers, Artists & Illustrators

XP-Pen is a celebrated maker of tablets and displays for graphic designers, artists & illustrators. See the 10 Best XP-Pen Tablets for Drawing, Art & Design!

Dev world mourns loss of Vim creator Bram Moolenaar

Developers across the world are mourning the loss of Bram Moolenaar, renowned Dutch software engineer and creator of the Vim text editor. Moolenaar passed away on August 3, 2023, after suffering from a medical condition that “rapidly progressed over the last few weeks,” according to a statement shared by his...

France’s AFP sues Twitter over non-payments for displaying news

A bad week for Elon Musk just got even worse. After enduring a scandal over Tesla’s driving ranges, a risible rebrand of Twitter, and a divisive feud with hate-speech researchers, Musk discovered yet another powerful enemy: Agence France-Presse (AFP). The French news agency announced on Wednesday that it’s suing...

Meta succumbs to EU pressure, will seek user consent for targeted ads

Meta operates a highly targeted advertising model based on the swathes of personal data you share on its platforms, and it makes tens of billions of dollars off it each year.  While these tactics are unlikely to end altogether in the near future, the company could soon offer users in the EU the chance to “opt-in”...

New DeepMind AI model can control robotic actions it was never trained to do

Google DeepMind has a new AI model that can direct robotic tasks it was never trained to perform. Named RT-2, the model learns from web and robotics data. It then turns this information into simple instructions for machines. In tests, the model was asked to take actions never seen in the robotic data, such as placing...

9+ Best Desks for Graphics Designers in 2023

Working from home has become a new reality and the right desk can make working at home that much better. Discover the best desks for graphic designers here.

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