TOP20+ Agências Shopify Europeias

25. 11. 2020
TOP20+ Agências Shopify Europeias

A ShopPop, uma empresa estabelecida na área do marketing digital, apresentou uma lista das melhores agências no desenvolvimento Shopify em toda a Europa, e nós fomos distinguidos com 19º lugar. Mas tendo em conta a amplitude da amostra, estamos muito felizes pelo reconhecimento.

Aqui segue o excerto:

BYDAS was born in 2010 as a social media & PR focused agency. But our core business quickly shifted to web development while we also dipped our feet into ecommerce development. We were one of the first recognised Shopify Experts in Portugal, having registered in 2013.

Since then we have specialised in building custom Shopify stores, trying our best to meet our clients’ needs and requirements within the platform’s capabilities. We also provide setup support, besides the store development. Knowing the ins and outs of the Shopify dashboard, it is easy for us to guide our clients through the different stages of data entry into the store, from taxes to legal texts, payment methods and shipping information. We also develop integrations with ERPs, CRMs and various marketplaces, using the Shopify API.

One of our biggest and perhaps most challenging projects was working with a clothing brand, in which we had to develop several stores for them, and help them out with store setup and configs. We also helped them with their ERP software integration. This enabled us to get a better understanding of the Shopify API and its full capabilities. We also perfected our skills in theme customisation while working with them, by customising and developing features for around 10 themes that they have used on their stores.

The main store for them is a streetwear store - the first one we developed for them - that sells in-house brands and has gained a lot of traction since opening roughly 3 years ago, becoming their flagship store.


On the matter of predicting the year 2021 in terms of ecommerce, we expect an increase in ecommerce store development, especially due to the current global situation, which led to more and more companies switching to or creating online stores, in order to face the lack of physical store sales, due to lockdown rules in the world. So we expect a lot of work on the ecommerce front in 2021.

BYDAS is one of the first recognized Shopify Experts in Portugal. Follow BYDAS on LinkedIn to stay up to date with their developments.

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